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WArrior body transformation

"Language is about expression 

Communication is about understanding"

Fall Special Rates

$22 per single class

($22 Fall rate valid for first 11 classes taken or until December 21st the first day of winter )


See schedule below but also note that the schedule is subject to change : New Classes and workshops are added weekly. Email directly to find out what is currently being offered. 



After Fall Rates

$30 per single class

*Packages are available : email for Details.


Thanks for submitting!


Warrior Sculpt

The focus of this Warrior class will be sculpting! Think strong and streamlined arms, legs, and abs using light weights and/or no weights and intricate movements with a heavy emphasis and proper form and alignment.

Reasons to try this class

1. detailed focus on form which equals more results and less injury

2. SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE exercises ; this means you don’t have to think too hard to take class

I am results driven and known for correcting each and every one of my students .

You will not only learn why you are doing each exercise and which muscle you are working but at all times during class will know if you are doing the exercise correctly because I will be watching and correcting every step of the way !

Warrior Sculpt and Stretch

All the ingredients of a Warrior sculpt class with the added bonus of an extended stretch class component. This class is ideal for the person who knows they need to work on flexibility but let’s face it never does!

Reasons to try this class

1. user-friendly stretches

2. you don’t need to be a yogi or be in Cirque du Soleil to take part

3. if you’re tight AF ... I won’t judge ... I am too and I actually do stretch regularly.

Warrior Intro to Meditation

A simple user-friendly guide to meditation.

Reasons to take this class:

1. meditation has been scientifically proven to lower stress; it’s a pandemic ... you’re stressed

need I say more?

2. meditation has also been proven to increase levels of health and mental clarity 

Warrior Meditation

This class is ideal for the person who wants to not just learn to meditate for stress relief but wants to develop a meditation practice. Learn specific breathing techniques and mediation exercises to not just lower stress but to help unblock energy in your body and your life.

***Warrior Intro to Meditation required to take this class **

Warrior Tasting Platter

A combo of:

Warrior Sculpt


Warrior Meditation

With an extended stretch portion for your added enjoyment.

Please note

Prior to taking a Warrior class all students must have a pre class phone consult with me.

During this 20 minute consultation, we will get to know each other a little before discussing goals, injuries, etc.

This consult is necessary as all Warrior classes are custom designed. Each class is tailor-fit to meet the wants and needs of the students who are taking a class on any given day.


Individual pre-class Consultations help me to ensure classes are challenging, results-driven, and safe for all students! 


Also, note if you’re not comfortable with being corrected during class ... then the class is not for you.

Proper form is key to effective results and injury prevention.

Both are foundation elements of any Warrior class.


8:30AM (60 min)

Warrior Sculpt

6:30PM (60 min)

Warrior Sculpt



10:30AM (60 min)

Warrior Sculpt


11AM (60 min)

Warrior Sculpt*


11AM (60 min)

Warrior Sculpt

6:30PM (60 min)

Warrior Sculpt

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