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BrightWork™ is about learning who you are as a person but also as a soul and really and truly discovering your life purpose.

The Sanskrit word is Pararvada Karma, which means the lessons our soul came here to learn and master, which goes beyond ego and preferences.


In LightWork™, you learn to master being the best human you can be: physically, mentally, and emotionally. In BrightWork™, we go deeper, this work is for the individual who wants to shine brighter.

We all deserve to shine brighter but know that One on one BrightWork™ sessions are intense work for a life transformation. So be prepared for that.

And that is why I only take on 4 BrightWork™ clients per year.
For more information on becoming a BrightWork™ student, please contact me below.

*For those interested in becoming a BrightWork™ student but encountering financial hardship, please also reach out to me.

Warrior astrology

Learn your astrological “default” settings.

This is not about astrological predictions. This is about learning the workings of the astrological chart you were born with.


There are 3 reasons one should learn their chart.​


  1. The first is to know themselves better, learn all the default settings you were born so that you may truly know your potential nature without the nurture of your life experiences. It’s basically your blank slate of potential.

  2. The second reason to learn your chart is so that you can more effectively use the information that makes up you as an individual. Discover your “tool box” of personality resources .

  3. The final reason is so that you may transcend your chart!


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Warrior gene keys

Gene Keys, similar to astrology, are a method of mapping a person's psychological and spiritual makeup as imprinted at birth and suggests the 64 qualities (64 Gene Keys) are thus imprinted in our DNA.

The idea of the Gene Keys is that they're numbered human qualities that get modified based on frequency, or your energetic vibration. There's a "Shadow" that's expressed at a lower frequency, while the same quality is expressed as a "Gift" at a higher frequency. So for example, a trait like "Greed" at the Shadow frequency turns into "Aspiration" at the Gift frequency. They're referred to as "keys" because they're considered an encoding that can unlock your higher potential and transform your Shadow into a Gift.


This session is meant to impart practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential inviting you on a journey of self discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life.


Contact me for pricing.

+30 min follow up insight session

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