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The 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change.

This is my gift to you:


The Warrior 90 day Revelation Challenge


It is a revelation rather than transformation because us Warriors don’t need to transform or change ourselves. We just need some work to reveal the healthy and beautiful person we already are!

Image by Morgan Petroski

WHEN Does it start?

Aug 2022 - Oct 2022


We start getting a bit lazy in our fitness programs during the dog days of summer. This program is designed to keep you motivated as the summer closes out and keep you from set backs. You can make this monthly investment for August, September and October. It gives you motivation to add that extra class you might skip on summer Fridays.

What's the challenge?

Take as many Warrior Sculpt classes as you can between Aug 2022 through Oct 2022. 

Warrior Sculpt is a 45 minute class that sculpts arms, legs, butt and Abs. Think light weights and high reps with a hyper focus on form .


My style ?

Think Tracy Anderson meets Jane Fonda with a little bit of Yoda if he grew up in Brooklyn . Bottom line: Tell me your goals and I will make sure you achieve them.  I keep classes small so that you get my eagle eye on your form. Form is the foundation and your guarantee you will get results and not get injured!

Monthly Warrior lifestyle tips and strategies emailed to you at the start of each months and Group Progress Zoom session at the end of the month !


Here is the challenge & reward:​

Take at least 13 classes each month and get a gift - a 35 min  1 on 1 zoom training session with me.

Take only one or two classes a week - get a congratulations!

Image by Conscious Design
Image by Steven Erixon


$200 per month ( unlimited monthly classes)

This applies for only August, September and October.


  • Unlimited Warrior classes 


    monthly lifestyle tips / strategies email and monthly zoom process session

  • Book all 3 months in advance and get 10% off

  • Limited to only 15 participants, so reserve your spot!

Weekly Class schedule

Unlimited Warrior Sculpt Class options to choose from (EST):


Monday @7 AM; 12:30PM

Tuesday @7:15 PM

Wednesday @7 AM; 12:30PM

Wednesday @630 PM

Friday @ 9:30 AM

Saturday @10 AM

Image by Ginny Rose Stewart
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