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Let me be clear. Yes, I am a healer but I can’t take credit for healing my clients.  I don’t do all the healing work. What I’m able to do for my clients is unblock energy within them so that they can then tap into their own healing abilities and heal themselves; mentally, physically, emotionally, and energetically.

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves. We just get blocked sometimes.

My expertise is in finding the blocks and liberating the energy. That’s why I call myself both a healer and a liberator. What I don’t call myself is a life coach. I don’t coach people. What I do is help liberate people by shining light on the wisdom of what I call “dormant superpowers” that were within them all along ... superpowers that can help facilitate healing and transformation at the deepest and most inspirational level. I make it my mission to assist my clients in Self Mastery. Self-mastery comes when we are brave enough to look at and become conscious of thoughts and emotions and experiences that are keeping us stuck.

Through exploratory exercises designed to get to the root of the issues; habitual beliefs and patterns are revealed.

When these beliefs and patterns are brought into the light; we cultivate and “water” what is helpful and fruitful and conversely we uproot whatever is keeping us stuck! The result of this inner “gardening” process is energy. Simply put: when you’re blocked, Energy is trapped ... but when you unblock that energy ... you create a flow to you, through you and all around you. This liberated energy is then used to make the necessary changes that lead to profound mental, spiritual, and emotional transformation. Clients are taught to cultivate a state of alignment within their physical, mental, emotional, and energetic selves.

True alignment is what allows my clients to achieve fulfillment in all areas of life (health, career, finance, relationships). But achieving alignment is not an easy task ... it requires commitment, courage, and trust in oneself. It also requires a guide that will not judge them or the process. A guide that will help them to stay the course and be kind and patient with them along the way

My experience in the health and fitness field with extensive knowledge of mind/body practices and my own natural energetic healing ability ... that is what has given me the tools to be a knowledgeable and effective guide ... It’s my experience however with being stuck and knocked down that has given me the empathy to be a compassionate and non-judgemental guide ...

Karen Nuccio

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves. We just get blocked sometimes.


Let me be your guide.

I know how you’re feeling.

I’ve been where you are.

Let me help get things “unstuck”.

The bottom line, I have the tools, strategies, patience, and empathy to get you where you want to be.

Let me help get things “unstuck”.
Let me help you become the superhero that you were always meant to be.
The superhero that creates their own life and inspires others to do the same.


"It's all about you"​

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