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An innovative fusion of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology, designed to move energy, foster deep healing, and ignite personal transformation. 


MELT, which stands for Meditation, Energy Work, Light Therapy, is a truly unique experience that combines the power of a GAMMA meditation device and customized light therapy to create profound shifts on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. MELT begins with a brief consultation to understand your intentions, concerns, and desired outcomes for the session.


The session commences with Meditation, where you are gently guided into a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. However, this meditation experience is amplified by the innovative GAMMA meditation device—a cutting-edge technology that utilizes carefully calibrated sound frequencies and brainwave entrainment to induce gamma brainwave activity. Gamma brainwaves are associated with heightened cognition, focus, and emotional balance, creating an optimal state for meditation and energy healing.


In this heightened state of consciousness, I begin the Energy Work phase.  I direct healing energy to your energy centers, meridians, and subtle body. The GAMMA meditation device's synergistic effect enhances the receptivity to this transformative energy, fostering a harmonious flow within you.As the energy moves, you may experience a profound sense of release, lightness, or warmth as stagnant energy dissipates. The combination of gamma brainwave entrainment and energy work creates a unique and deeply transformative experience, unlocking the potential for personal growth and healing


But the healing journey doesn't end there.  Light therapy closes your session.  Red and infrared light therapy is introduced , bathing your body in gentle yet potent wavelengths. These therapeutic lights penetrate deep into your cells, stimulating natural healing processes and enhancing cellular regeneration. The result is an energizing and rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling revitalized and in harmony with your body's innate healing capacity.


Throughout the MELT healing session, you'll be enveloped in a soothing and calming atmosphere, providing you the space to relax, let go, and fully embrace the healing journey. This technology-driven approach is complemented by the warmth of human connection, as your healing session is guided with empathy and compassion.Technology is meant to elevate us , not replace us .



At MELT, we celebrate the combining of technology and humanity and beyond that nurture the uniqueness of each individual, understanding that your healing needs are distinct. 


Sessions are designed to provide personalized results, addressing your specific physical, emotional, and energetic concerns.Experience the magic of MELT—where technology meets heart-centered healing.


Unlock the depths of your being, tap into your true potential, and discover a newfound sense of well-being and empowerment. In this fusion of advanced technology and personal healing, you'll find a sanctuary of transformation and renewal.


Are you ready to MELT into the embrace of healing and step into a brighter, more radiant version of yourself?


I offer this specialized service in limited quantity .


3 sessions per week .


I personally am booked till Jan 2025.


To get on the waitlist please email me .


Cancellations do happen

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