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Start feeling lighter mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Sessions are shorter but still powerful as they laser focus on targeted areas of concern by utilizing a combination of my years of experience in Warrior therapy and natural channeling abilities.



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*available remote or at my NoMad office location

What is channeling?

I have been gifted with the ability to help people access insight from their own higher mind and connecting with their spirit guides. These sessions help you to glean insights into your life and also I help you to turn on your own channeling light.


Insight Session Focus Areas Examples:

  • Career

  • Romance

  • Family

  • Transition

  • Grief

  • Wellness / Or Other Health Concerns



Contact me for pricing

*available remote or at my NoMad office location

What does this consult consist of?

This session is perfect for the individual looking for new insight to take their wellness journey to the next level. We will analyze what you are already doing that works and then streamline them to be more effective. Additionally we will modify and tweak any rituals and / or habits that don't serve.

The focus of a Lighter Wellness session is the physical body and daily physical practices of the client that include but are not limited to how they move, what they consume and how they relate to the physical world around them.  In sessions, I utilize my 25 years of experience in fitness & wellness but also make use of my intuitive abilities so that we can access an effective and individualized plan to accelerate the clients wellness journey.
The physical body is the focus of this session but though this session you will come to understand that nothing is ever just physical.

Warrior fitness sessions


Contact me for pricing

*only avail remote via zoom

What does this session consist of?

1 on 1 Custom designed Fitness training sessions via zoom.

Take your fitness to the next level while simultaneously learning about your body in a whole new way. Every body is unique and powerful and I am here to help you tap into that power.

Too often our fitness journey has us working harder and not smarter. Sessions are designed to change that! The body is meant to serve you on your life’s journey, not disempower you.

Let me teach you how to be empowered through movement.

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