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BrightWork™ Energy Work

Is BrightWork right for you ?

Let me be honest. I am not usually the first stop on the road of people’s transformation. More often than not I am the last stop …

Have you tried lots of other therapies , healers, gone from Eastern to Western methods to everything in between?

If so then you’re probably in the right place.

The work I do is very individual. Trying to explain it is kind of impossible but I’ll do my best

I consider myself a liberator .

Image by Greg Rakozy

I help people become free. Truly free.

I do this by helping them to figure out who they are from a natural blueprint level: the gifts you’re born with by understanding the life experiences that served you and discarding the ones that didn’t.

Finally I have the ability to work with the energy within the body.

I am able to literally move old thoughts and old beliefs that
live within the body.

I can see and feel where that stagnant energy is within my own body (like a mirror),  and through hands on work, I remove it or recalibrate it if need be .

It’s an ability I was born with and through the years I’ve grown to understand it more … but to be honest … there is still much I don’t understand. 

What I can say with confidence is that the work I do deeply helps people and that its an honor to be able to do it .

Having said that, moving old energy from a person’s body is in many ways the simplest part of the work .

Figuring out what energetic thoughts and emotions got stuck and  why they got stuck, that’s the challenge, That’s the intense part.

But that’s the part … that’s the work that truly gets you free!

It’s an honor and a gift to help guide people to becoming free but I won't sugarcoat it—this journey isn't for the faint of heart.

It's intense, and it requires dedication. But if you're ready to break free from the chains that bind you so to speak and embrace your true potential, I’m in !
All in .

Just know that my approach isn't about being gentle—it's about being kind and getting real results. I am passionate about your transformation and I am invested in your empowerment and liberation.

Bottom line , If you're feeling called to take charge of your life, to shed what no longer serves you, and to embrace a new level of freedom… then I am here for it… here for you ….

But if this sounds way to intense …that’s ok .

Check out my Power Workshops … I consider them the LightWork to my BrightWork

Big steps
Small steps

As long as you get there … it’s all good!

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