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Rock in Sand


“Nothing changes till Something Moves”
My clients call me a healer but I don’t really resonate with that.
Simply put: I move energy. I am physically built to move energy.

What the hell does that mean?
Within my body I can literally feel within another person where energy is stuck or not moving. I then am able to use my hands, my breath, my intention even to move it.  I sometimes pull the energy out of a person and other times I reorganize the energy. Sometimes we have more energy in one place than we need and not enough in other places. I re distribute it and then the person feels more balanced and more in the flow.

When I work on someone they need to be open to these energetic shifts for the work to work.

Healing work is teamwork.

You know how someone can’t love you it they don’t love themselves first ….Healing work is like that …No healer can heal you if you’re not open to meeting the healer at the frequency they are at. The hardest part of my job is making sure I’m healthy enough, physically , mentally , emotionally and energetically to do my work.

Imagine going to healer who is a shit show? I hold myself to a very high standard and high energetic frequency. I could not imagine helping someone if I was not doing the work myself. Because of this fact I’m only able to work with a limited number of people per year. If your healer isn't doing the work themselves then how can they work on you; it's out of alignment.

If I could work on more people and maintain the integrity of my work I would …. But I can’t. Working with me one on one is intense and intensive. But it’s work worth doing .

To learn more about the work I do click here.

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