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Hear what my clients have to say

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Ekaterina R. 

 What is there to say about Karen Nuccio other than everything. Take what you know of yourself, of your power, of your potential, and get ready to flip it upside down and have it land in an absolutely magical new level and layer that you didn’t know existed (or perhaps knew but didn’t know how to reach). That, in a sliver of a nutshell, is what Karen works on with each of her clients. 


It’s not about vitamins or potions, nor is it a kumbaya campfire. Instead, she teaches you (and taught ME) how to truly do the work to get your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness to Olympic level shape. It’s as simple and complex as it sounds, and trust me when I say there is no one better suited to launch your transformation than Karen Nuccio. She is a warrior. And so are you.

Scott M

I was approaching 50, my mother had died the year before, my job was the same monotonous tedium as always, and I was stuck. I met Karen through a close friend and she seemed to immediately recognize my situation without me even saying anything. I had never been to an energy healer before and was skeptical. However, after three sessions with Karen, I was starting to free myself from my engrained POVs, drink more water (haha), and naturally decided to explore my meditation practice more. I'd always meditated off and on for most of my life, mostly off to be honest—but I found new energy and interest in it through Karen's help. Since then I've had some amazing meditation moments and insights as well as getting certified to lead Vipassana meditation sessions. 


Even if you are just curious or a little skeptical, like I was, I highly recommend Karen as a helper in getting you where you need to be and seeing what you need to see.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Kelsey Kreamer

Image by Armand Khoury

While I had heard about energy work, it all seemed to fall in the mysterious bucket of woo-woo healing. I thought at worst it would be placebo and at best I might get to unlock some deep down buried emotions that were holding me back in life. My experience working with Karen was definitely in the woo-woo, (we started with an angel card reading) but I left the session having significant unexpected physical releases. 


Energy work feels a lot like a relaxing deep tissue massage... but a massage in which the focus area isn't based on what feels good but rather what calls to Karen as a spot of stagnant energy. In my case, it was my foot. Karen's "work" is in extracting the blockage through a combination of physical touch and what could best be described as life coach-meets-therapy. 


After the hour-long session, I left feeling relaxed and craving more. Over the next day my body continued to "release" in all senses of the word from reduced muscle tension, digestion and even in the form of vivid emotional dreams. 


Think of energy work with Karen as a super targeted healing tool meant to be paired with other methods like meditation and movement. If you want to get the most out of your efforts, adding a few energy sessions with Karen is well worth the investment!

Rooshy Roy

Karen is a world-class healer and life coach. She has a unique ability to meet you where you are, and help you grow by opening your imagination and unlocking your true potential. Her energy work - both emotional and physical - made me feel lighter with each session. I believe I am forever changed because of her talents and our relationship.

Image by Joshua Rivera
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