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Intension Workshop

Intension is the energy you use in a way that serves you.


Tension, on the other hand, is the energy you use in a way that doesn't serve you.


In this workshop, we'll be looking at how to intensionally shift your body and your life. Whether you're moving a chair from one room to another or taking a walk in the park, there are ways to harness your energy for good—and gain some insight into why you might be using tension instead of intension. In this class, we will learn practical exercises and strategies for shifting our bodies into more positive modes of action!


This workshop is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn more about how their bodies work and how they can move more intentionally in their daily lives.

Intro to Energy Workshop

Energy is a huge part of our lives. We're all born with the ability to move energy, but most of us just don't understand it or know how to activate our own healing ability. What you'll learn in this workshop is how you can use energy to improve that flow in your body and life.


You'll learn:


◦ What is energy and how does it work in the universe?

◦ Become self aware of the energy flow in your body and life and how to utilize it

◦ Activate and shift stuck or stagnant energy to optimize your body, life and personal space

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